• PlayerUnknown’sBattleGround(PUBG)is an online multi[layer battle royale developed and published by PUBG corporation,a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole.


Battleground is a player versus plaayer action game in which upto one hundred players fight in a battle royale.a type of large scale last man standing deathmatch,where player fight to remain the last alive.Players can choose to enter the match sole or with a small team of upto four players.In either case last person or team left alive wins theCC


The following are the competitors of the PUBG game:-

1.Garena Free Fire

2.Hopeless Land

3.Rules Of Survival

4.Fornite Battle Royale

These games are the main competitors of the PUBG mobile game.



1.Best Multiplayer Game

2.PC Game Of The Year

3.Action Game Of The Year

4.Outstanding Achievement In Online Gameplay


1.eSports Game Of The Year

2.Excellence In Multiplayer

3.Trending Game Of The Year

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